The journal Ecología Política invites authors to send their article proposals for its next issue, number 59.

Political Ecology of the Far Right

From Latin America to Europe and the United States, the far right is moving forward. From institutions to social media, from the streets to the generation of new political parties, the neoconservative postulates adopt different shapes and make connections with environmental narratives and actions, from climate denialism and more aggressive anti-environmental groups to greenwashing and appropriation of certain aspects of environmentalism.

This issue of Ecología Política aims to encourage a critical analysis of the conservative turn and its relationship with environmentalism, considering theoretical, practical and political implications of this phenomenon. Furthermore, this issue goes beyond examining the socioenvironmental dimensions of far-right narratives and policies, in seeking to explore how social movements, peasants, indigenous peoples, feminists, environmental and land activist movements are taking a stance at the head of the socioenvironmental resistance against authoritarian neoliberalism, extreme right-wing threats and state repression.

Articles in this issue might include, among others, the following topics:

  • Socioenvironmental dimensions of conservative populism and authoritarian neoliberalism.
  • Environmental racism, eco-xenophobia and authoritarian neoliberalism.
  • Climate change denial.
  • Environmental narratives and practices of appropriation and cooptation.
  • Environmental history and political ecology of Fascism.
  • Nationalism and environmental colonialism.
  • Environmental activism and land activism against fascism, ecofascism and authoritarian neoliberalism.
  • Social movements, organizational dynamics confronting fascism and authoritarian neoliberalism: critical perspectives.

The issue will be published in June 2020.



The submission of articles will take place in two steps.

Article proposal submission (250 words max.). Deadline: 10 February 2020.

Once received, the proposals will be evaluated by experts in the subject and by the issue’s guest editors. The authors whose proposals are selected will be invited to send a complete manuscript. The invitation to submit the full manuscript does not ensure its publication, as manuscripts will then undergo a further review process.

Submission of the final version of the article (to be translated from English to Spanish, if necessary): 27 March 2020.

Both the abstracts and the final versions of the articles have to be sent to the following e-mail address:



The articles published in the journal must fit into one of the following sections:

Section Description of the articles Word-limit (including bibliography and notes) 


Detailed analysis of one of the main topics, from a broad perspective. It should have a theoretical component and/or a global focus.

4000 words


With a regional or local focus and normally centred on a specific case study.

2000 words


A personal and critical vision of the subject matter.

2000 words

Resistance networks

Address local or community resistance to socio-environmental impacts.

2000 words

Referents of environmental thought

Analysis of the work and contributions of a reference thinker in relation to the special issue of each number.

2000 words

Review of books, webpages and reports

Critique of a recent key publication (book, film, or other media) related to the issue’s topic.

1000 words

Further guidelines for different types of articles can be consulted here:

We only publish contributions that comply with the format of the journal.



Ecología Política is a Spanish language, bi-annual journal that critically analyses socio-environmental issues. Founded in 1991, the journal addresses researchers as well as social and environmental movements. For more information, subscription offers and free downloads, see


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