Sending articles

>> Call for papers for the current issue (63)


We invite social movements, researchers, environmentalists, journalists and experts to send articles in order to be published in the journal.

The publication aims to establish a communicative link between researchers, activists and readers in fields of environmental sciences, political ecology and social sciences. For that purpose, the articles must be understandable for non-expert readers regarding the main theme.

The types of articles published in the journal are the following:

  • In-depth articles are related to the main subject of the issue. These are articles which have a theoretical component and/or analyse one of the aspects (mentioned in the paragraph above) of the main topic in detail from a macro perspective. Their length should be 4.000 words. | DOCUMENT
  • Short articles with a regional or local focus that are related to the main subject of the same number of the journal. They analyse a concrete case study and have a length of 2.000 words. | DOCUMENT
  • Opinion articles related to the subject of the number. They give a personal and critical vision of the subject matter and have a length of 2.000 words. | DOCUMENT
  • Articles about resistance networks related to the subject matter addressing local or community resistances to environmental impacts and have a length of maximum 2.000 words. | DOCUMENT
  • Articles about key figures of environmental thinking are the ones analyzing the work and contributions of a reference person related to the special issue of each number. They usually have a length of maximum 2.000 words. | DOCUMENT
  • Reviews of books, webpages or reports make a critique of recent publications. They are usually have a maximum of 1.000 words. | DOCUMENT

>> IMPORTANT: only those that comply with the format of the journal will have the chance to get published.

The articles will be evaluated by experts on the main theme and by the editorial committee of the journal.

The main themes of each number will be published in advance on the webpage.

Both the abstracts and the final versions of the articles have to be sent to the following e-mail address: