Exposed: The right-wing nationalism road to ecocide

Martin Hultman*


Abstract: The scientific knowledge of global climate change has been accepted and on the political and public agenda in the last thirty years, but today it is contested along party political fault lines. Far-right wing political parties across Europe have followed their conservative siblings in US, Canada and Australia and are now spreading climate change denial. In this article we follow the history of climate change denial and far-right party politics in one significant European country – that of Sweden. The article discusses how the issue was brought into parliament, in what way it is part of a industrial/breadwinner masculinities identity politics and how the climate change denial is entangled in pan-European neo-fascist collaboration.

Keywords: Climate change denial, far-right wing, white-male effect, ecocide



For over thirty years the scientific knowledge of global climate change has been on the political and public agenda. Scientific awareness of the greenhouse effect, and human influence on the climate, has existed for over five decades. Today, we are further from dealing with the root causes than ever before and emissions from burning fossil fuels and other sources of greenhouse gases rise, at the same time as extractive industries and far-right wing political parties merge in climate change denial. In the comprehensive project: “Why don’t we take climate change seriously? A study of climate change denial”, led by me and centered at Chalmers in Sweden the world’s foremost researchers is now collaborating exposing among else the right-wing nationalism road to ecocide. During the 1980s, there was a strong environmental movement and a political consensus on the issue, and Social democratic politicians in the frontline dealing with it, but in recent years climate change denial – denying that changes to the climate are due to human influence on the environment – has increased which makes the case for understanding why this is so?

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