About the journal



Ecología Política – Cuadernos de Debate Internacional is a bi-annual journal that reflects debates around the influence of political power on socioecological conflicts. Within the discipline of political ecology, it focuses on aspects such as environmental conflicts, inequalities in access to resources and exposure to pollution, environmental policies, resistance networks and social movements and referents of environmental thought.

In 2016, Ecología Política celebrated its 25th anniversary. The journal was founded in 1991 by Joan Martínez Alier, professor of economics at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and Anna Monjo, director of Icaria Editorial. Since then, it has become an outlet of reference for activists and academics in the field of political ecology, particularly in Spain and Latin America.

ENT assumed the secretariat of the journal since 2006. Since 2013, Ecología Política has been jointly published by ENT Foundation and Icaria Editorial, and it counts with an Editorial Board and an Advisory Board. In 2021, the Political Ecology Group of CLACSO (Latin American Council of Social Sciences) joins as co-editor.

After one year from their publication, all of the journal’s contents are made available open-access on our website. Past issues can be downloaded from our website and from the Dialnet platform. Ecología Política has a publication policy with the mechanisms and conditions of disclosure of the generated material.

Ecología Política exists thanks to the support of our subscribers and numerous volunteer collaborators. If you want to contribute to the project, you can subscribe here or contact us at subscriptores@ecologiapolitica.info