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Legal Considerations For Managing Remote Employees

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NLR does not answer legal questions nor will we refer you to an attorney or other professional if you request such information from us. No matter when or why you need to work remotely as a lawyer, it’s entirely possible to do so. With the right tools, and by following a few key best practices, you’ll continue to run a profitable firm while providing good client experiences. In the digital age, and depending on the situation, your clients may even appreciate the convenience of a remote experience. As a lawyer or legal professional, there will always be more work to do. If you love your job, it’s easy to sit in front of a laptop for hours and hours in the name of productivity—but that’s a recipe for burnout.

Make sure that everyone involved in the hiring process understands the laws around hiring and interview practices. Check with your payroll department or payroll service provider to see what steps you need to take to comply with each state’s regulations. Require anyone who uses their computer using public Wi-Fi to use a Virtual Private Network , a paid service that keeps your web browsing secure. Make sure that everyone in your organization—including those who work from home—understand your privacy and security policies. And of course, it’s up to organizational leadership to make sure there are systems in place for making sure those policies are enforced by everyone in the organization.

Liability For Employees Working Remotely

Unlike other remote platform providers that charge add-on fees, Remote Legal includes everything you need at one warehouse packing job description price based on the hours on record. Always ensure you only apply to work for an equal opportunity employer.

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To learn more about our brand and offerings, you can visit and For those seeking to transition out of law practice, but want to stay connected to the profession – this is an amazing opportunity. Solutus Legal Search is one of the premier retained legal search boutiques in the U.S. with an amazing inhouse and law firm search and consulting practice. We are seeking to selectively add a Managing Director/Legal Recruiter to our wonderful team. Most OECD countries’ laws apply a mandatory limit of weekly work hours, on top of special remuneration for overtime. It is essential to define rigid working hours for employees, and use a supervisory mechanism to ensure that employees are not overworked or underpaid.

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Designate a safe and secure remote workplace to perform their duties while working remotely from home that is quiet and distraction-free. If you need to file documents with the courts, and e-filing is an option in your area, consider investing in an e-filing service like Infotrack. Your tech stack may differ depending on your practice area, the size of your firm, and your responsibilities at your firm. This list covers our basic recommended tech for optimal remote work. Today’s laptop mics are strong, but a headset will ensure crisp, professional sound quality on your calls—a critical consideration if someone on the call has low hearing. Lock the dog out of the room, give a heads up that your kids are home, and turn down the volume of other devices .

  • One of the most rewarding parts of my job is collaborating with so many talented people across teams.
  • Most modern computer mics are powerful, but you may still want to consider investing in a headset for clarity during important calls.
  • 2019 Reisman Award Winner Cynthia Morgan Reid founded Vanst Law as a virtual law firm in 2018 with a goal to turn traditional law firm culture on its head.
  • Learn about the process of getting new clients by reading about how to get clients as a lawyer.
  • Nothing will remove a clients’ peace of mind like being unable to hear you on the phone or over video.

We also provide ongoing training and support so you always feel like you are supported and learning. In addition, the Solutus platform will provide you with exposure and access to the finest clients and the most highly coveted searches. Finally, both hybrid remote work and teleworking rules provide that employers must comply with the national mandatory rules governing their communications to the Ministry of Labor. Employers are required to send specific information regarding the remote work agreement (e.g., employee’s personal data, type of agreement signed, termination date if any, etc.) to the Ministry of Labor. Both regulations provide that employers need to provide working tools unless otherwise agreed with employees. In contrast, employees on a teleworking arrangement are strictly bound to the working time set up by employers.

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