Future & Co.: Bringing the vision on sustainable and responsible business closer to people with a theatre action game


Ecología Política #57 | Arts


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Alexandra Köves, Judit Gáspár, Réka Matolay


In 2016 a participatory backcasting research took place in Hungary on the topic of responsible and sustainable business. The researchers felt that the results should not remain within the extremely narrow limits of scientific publications, such a socially important issue should reach a wider circle of society. Only then can they initiate an indispensable dialogue to create real social change. This paper describes the endeavour that turned research results into a theatre adventure game through the cooperation of an independent art troupe and researchers in 2018. It shows how – especially in the realm of complex socio-ecological-economic issues – art can contribute significantly to bring beneficial scenarios closer to public understanding.

Keywords: backcasting; sustainable business; research-based theatre; dissemination; radical humanism