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La revista Ecología Política, de periodicidad semestral, es una revista de ámbito internacional que refleja el debate existente entorno a los temas ecológicos, poniendo especial énfasis en los conflictos ambientales. Desde entonces se ha convertido en un referente para activistas y académicos del ámbito del medio ambiente, particularmente en España y en Latinoamérica. No existe otra revista internacional sobre medio ambiente editada en España, destinada conjuntamente a estos públicos con similar referente internacional.

La revista fue dirigida desde su fundación en el año 1991 por el Dr. Joan Martínez Alier, catedrático de la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.

En el año 2006 la revista, manteniendo la misma línea editorial, reforzó el equipo de coordinación con la incorporación del Dr. Ignasi Puig Ventosa, la Dra. Ana Monjo y el Dr. Miquel Ortega Cerdà, renovó el equipo de redacción y ENT pasó a realizar el secretariado de la misma.

Desde entonces ha continuado su crecimiento en el ámbito nacional e internacional, tanto a través de su versión en papel, principalmente gracias a una expansión de los suscriptores, como a través de la creación de la web

En el año 2013 la revista pasa a ser editada conjuntamente por la Fundació ENT y la Editorial Icaria.

La revista se ha dotado de una política de publicaciones a través de la cual se establecen los mecanismos y condiciones de divulgación del material generado.

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Ecología Política forma parte de la Asociación de Revistas Culturales de España (ARCE).

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Esta revista ha recibido una ayuda a la edición del Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte.


Reconocimiento – NoComercial – CompartirIgual (by-nc-sa): No se permite un uso comercial de la obra original ni de las posibles obras derivadas, la distribución de las cuales se debe hacer con una licencia igual a la que regula la obra original.

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Reconocimiento – NoComercial – CompartirIgual (by-nc-sa): No se permite un uso comercial de la obra original ni de las posibles obras derivadas, la distribución de las cuales se debe hacer con una licencia igual a la que regula la obra original.

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restrained facelift of the original 1953 coupe,Cheap Jersey Wholesale, with modest tailfins and a large square grille riding high on an elevated hood. Deluxe interiors featured tooled metal dash trim,cheap wholesale jerseys, as on the ’55 Speedster. There were four versions,wholesale nhl jerseys, pillared Flight Hawk and Power Hawk,Wholesale Carson Palmer Jersey, and hardtop Sky Hawk and Golden Hawk. All were good looking,Kurt Warner Jersey Shopping Store, competent through curves,cheap jerseys paypal, and impressive on straights. Topping Studebaker’s ’56 engine chart was a 275 bhp 352 V 8 from new partner Packard as exclusive power for the Golden Hawk. Champs,Yeezy Boost 750 Replica, Flight Hawk,cheap nfl jerseys wholesale, and the Pelham wagon carried an unchanged six,cheap nike jerseys, while 259 V 8s now delivered 170/185 bhp in Commander/Power Hawk/Parkview. A new long stroke 289 version offered 195/210/225 bhp in Presidents/Sky Hawk/Pinehurst. The Flight Hawk listed below $2000 and the Golden Hawk at $3061,Cheap NBA Jersey Online, so Studebaker’s “family sports cars” were good buys in 1956. Trouble was,John Abraham Jersey Free Shipping, they were peripheral sellers appealing mainly to enthusiasts,Cheap Joseph Fauria Jersey, while the bread and butter models appealed to few mainstream buyers. Studebaker

A sunny and warm Saturday afternoon in Indian Head Park was the stage for the arrival of a local icon: the No. 15 Miller 91 Special car Clifford Woodbury once raced on dirt tracks across the country. Woodbury, a four time Indy 500 entrant, died in 1984, but his racing legacy cheap michael kors lives on through the newly restored vehicle and the memories of his daughter, Jean Culligan, an Indian Head Park resident. It was to her home that owner Rob Dyson brought the car for a one day visit on July 11. Dyson, owner of Dyson Racing sports car team, purchased the car for $770,000 at an auction in Amelia Island, Fla., in April, where the antique Indy car attracted his interest. “I was drawn by the history of the car and the mystique of the Miller brand,” Dyson said. His curiosity impelled him to reach out to Pat Culligan, who wrote back that his grandfather Cliff Woodbury, who lived on South Stone Avenue in La Grange, drove the car. The two later found out that each attended Cornell, and arranged the visit to Jean Culligan’s
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push into India, where Apple will have a few hundred square feet of dedicated retail space in six Croma outlets. These areas will cheap yeezy boost 350 have the same lighting, design and overall experience as other Apple stores globally. Many Apple bulls are looking toward India as the wholesale jerseys china next great growth market for the iPhone, kinda like how they’ve viewed China in recent years. Recent reports have detailed weak pre bookings for the 6s line in India, with the main culprit apparently being pricing. The base model goes for a few hundred US dollars more than its counterpart in the United States. This is where the 4 inch model phone would come in, as Apple looks to find a sweet spot in its next big market. According to Counterpoint, Apple sold 1.7 million iPhones in India during its fiscal fake oakleys cheap 2015 period, up from 1.1 million in the prior period. That number is expected to soar in the coming years, hopefully getting into the tens of millions per year. Think about the math for a second. Even if this new phone averages say $200 less and represents
replica ray bans sharing programs in select cities within the Provinces. In 2014, KNDI expects to initiate trial programs in 2 to 3 of these cities. In spite of the delay in subsidies, KNDI expects to sell approximately 2,800 EVs in Q4. (compared to 1,126 for the first nine months) While to date, only two car sharing location openings have been announced by the Company in Hangzhou, ten are expected to be completed by this Dec. 31, and a total of 50 are targeted by the end of Q1 barring extenuating circumstances. (Reading the transcript, the 50 number could be confusing as to whether it was to cover Q1 or the whole year. A follow up correspondence with the Company clarified this as being the target for Q1 only. The ultimate four year target is to have 100,000 EVs in the Hangzhou Car Share system alone an excellent video at this link.) Car sharing towers will range in capacity from 30 300 EVs each. The 20,000 EV Hangzhou long lease program is progressing very slowly due to factors out of KNDI’s control, mainly State Grid infrastructure