Política de publicaciones

La revista Ecología Política está planteada como un proyecto sin ánimo de lucro financiado principalmente a través de las suscripciones y la venta de las propias revistas.

Puntualmente la revista ha recibido diversas ayudas públicas y también donaciones.

Desde 2006 la revista cuenta con una política parcial de libre acceso a los contenidos de la misma. Gracias a ello es posible acceder, con un retraso de un año desde su publicación, a la totalidad de los contenidos de la revista en su formato digital con licencia Creative Commons: Reconocimiento – NoComercial (by-nc).

Esperamos continuar contando con la ayuda de los suscriptores, compradores y donantes para poder mantener la política de libre acceso a la información.

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Back to Main MenuCelebrationsFraud PreventionManage Your AdPlace an AdInvestigators said they suspect construction crews failed to properly engage support arms on the crane while replacing a large air conditioning unit from the top of a supermarket in the Points East Plaza.City police and firefighters began investigating after the incident and an inspector with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration began his investigation shortly after.Dozens of people shopping at the crowded plaza gathered to take photos and videos of the large wholesale jerseys china 90 foot crane on top of the cars. The crane was directly in front of the Marc grocery store when it tipped. A second crane pulled the extended part of the first crane off the cars long enough for the damaged cars to be towed away.One of the car owners, Ed Ziegler, said his wife was walking her groceries from the Marc grocery store when the crane fell, crushing his cheap authentic jerseys car.be okay, Ziegler said. just thank God my wife is okay. Who cares about the car? Armaro, 67, said he angry about

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people hear the word "cursive," they think only of "looped cursive." This brings to mind tedious exercises in grade school, inky fingers and low grades in penmanship. After all of this struggle to learn looped cursive, it is rarely used; all modern forms plead, "Please Print.""Cursive" comes from the Latin word "currere," which means "to run." Cursive writing is literally a "running hand," but cursive doesn’t mean that every letter in a word has to be joined to the next letter, that the writing must be sloped or that loops should be added to letters. schools since the early 1900s and is also known as The Palmer Method, Bowmar/Noble, Zaner Bloser or D’Nealian, among other names.In looped cursive, loops are added to lowercase and capital letters. Looped cursive requires that all letters in a word be connected.When third grade students make the transition from printing to cursive writing, they must learn 26 new lowercase and capital letter shapes